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The adventurous crew of “Ankaya” applied its understanding of life, people, and their emotions to help the community discover different ways of working and recreation. We believe that creativity and personal and professional growth shouldn’t be tied or limited to a location or any other limitation. The Ankaya members share the same mission and values, which are motivating us to seek the ultimate freedom and perfect work-life balance. This mindset that we developed over time is our driving force to continue sharing our values with those who are as fascinated as we are about the free-spirited creators’ lifestyle but are just beginning their journey. We are also founders of The Nest Resort- please where can escape to a world of unrivaled beauty and luxury at The Nest Resort, where every moment is a celebration of serenity and indulgence.


As proud owners of The Nest Resort, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where every moment is designed to elevate your senses and surpass your expectations.

Nestled within a captivating landscape, The Nest invites you to indulge in an oasis of exquisite beauty and sophistication. Our meticulously designed villas, boasting exceptional architectural craftsmanship and lavish interiors, redefine the concept of luxury living. Each villa is a sanctuary of elegance, meticulously curated with the finest materials, state-of-the-art amenities, and a seamless fusion of modern comforts and timeless charm.

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From the vibrant energy of the summer months, where the golden sun illuminates pristine beaches and invites guests to bask in its warmth, to the tranquil allure of the winter season, where the island’s serene ambiance offers a haven of relaxation, The Nest Resort captivates visitors with its diverse seasonal offerings.

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OUR NA Family Committed to Healthy Living

At The Nest, we are more than just a resort – we are a family dedicated to promoting a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Allow us to introduce you to the heart and soul behind our vision: Kalo, Yanina, and their little princess, Anabel.
Kalo and Yanina, the founders of The Nest, are passionate about creating a haven where wellness and serenity intertwine. Their love for healthy living is deeply rooted in their own lives, and they are committed to sharing this philosophy with each and every guest.


Kalojan Georgiev

Kalojan is an adventurous entrepreneur with a passion for creating extraordinary ventures. As the founding partner of K-Pharm Global Group (KPGG), a thriving $100 million+ group of pharma-trading companies, he has successfully revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry. KPGG is a trailblazing one-stop shop that provides comprehensive services, including logistics, distribution, marketing, and regulatory support for pharmaceutical manufacturers across 50 countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Beyond his exceptional business prowess, Kalojan’s zest for life extends to his personal pursuits. Recognizing the significance of maintaining good health, he embarks on exciting adventures that keep him in top-notch shape. Whether it’s exploring picturesque landscapes, embracing thrilling outdoor activities, or savoring unique cultural experiences, Kalojan embraces life with enthusiasm.

As the visionary owner of NEST Zanzibar, a captivating residential hotel, Kalojan weaves his passion for adventure into every aspect of the property. Nestled amidst the stunning beauty of Zanzibar, NEST offers guests an unforgettable experience that harmoniously blends nature, relaxation, and exploration. Kalojan’s dedication to his own well-being reflects in the ambiance of NEST Zanzibar, where guests can rejuvenate their spirits while immersing themselves in a boutique and natural paradise.

Yanina Georgieva

Meet Yanina, an entrepreneurial owner with a remarkable history of business success. With a keen eye for design, she has personally crafted every single element in the hotel, creating a truly unique and captivating experience for guests.

Having built operations from the ground up, Yanina’s strategic and scalable approaches have led to her achievements in identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Her experience as a business leader is exemplified through her demonstrated strategic planning, problem-solving, and team-building abilities.

Yanina’s commitment to excellence extends to the way she handles her staff. By bringing in and training individuals to handle customer and business needs, she fosters a motivated, diplomatic, and respectful environment, embracing people from diverse backgrounds.

As the committed business owner of NEST Zanzibar, Yanina’s stellar track record in business leadership shines through. Her expertise in managing and improving operations ensures long-term success while skillfully balancing targets with available resources.

With a results-oriented approach, Yanina is an astute and organized individual well-versed in accounting, supply chain management, and marketing. Her proficiency in overseeing all areas of daily operations allows her to make effective policy decisions, positively impacting the hotel’s direction and bottom-line profits. At NEST Zanzibar, guests are welcomed into a space meticulously curated by Yanina, where they can indulge in an unforgettable experience born from her passion and expertise.

The Heart and Soul of The Nest

As parents, Kalo and Yanina understand the importance of nurturing a healthy environment for their daughter, Anabel. They believe in leading by example and have created a space where families can embrace a holistic approach to well-being.
Together, they have crafted The Nest as a place where nutritious cuisine, fitness activities, and rejuvenation go hand in hand. From farm-to-table dining experiences to tailored wellness programs, every aspect of The Nest reflects their dedication to providing a nourishing and fulfilling experience for all.

Their journey is an inspiration to many, as they effortlessly balance work, family, and a healthy lifestyle. They believe that by nourishing the body, mind, and soul, we can unlock our true potential and live life to the fullest.
Join Kalo, Yanina, and Anabel on their quest for a healthy and joyful life. Experience the transformative power of embracing wellness in its purest form and create lasting memories in a place where happiness thrives.

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