Experience luxury with fractional ownership at Ankaya Village, where investors enjoy a share of exquisite villas and a guaranteed 10% annual return, combining opulence and financial security in one unique opportunity

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Fractional Ownership at Ankaya Village

Invest in a Unique Fractional Ownership Opportunity:

Ankaya Village offers a distinctive fractional ownership model, providing a more accessible investment option with a lower entry threshold compared to full villa ownership. This model is designed for investors looking to partake in the luxury resort experience with less capital outlay.

*Investment Process and Criteria:*

Start by depositing any amount between $100 and $100,000. These funds are earmarked for fractional ownership shares, catering to investors not purchasing an entire villa.

Soft Cap: Our minimum funding threshold is $1.5 million. If this amount isn’t reached by September 1st, the project will be discontinued, and all investments will be refunded.
Hard Cap: The maximum funding goal is $40 million. Upon reaching this cap, the sales will close, and we will celebrate by randomly awarding a $1 million villa to one of the shareholders.

If the soft cap is met, a company will be established in Switzerland or Dubai. Shares of this company will be tokenized, allowing for free trading on digital platforms. These shares are governed by Swiss law, ensuring full liquidity and legal compliance.

Each share guarantees a 10% return on investment annually during the first two years, with potential for higher returns once the project becomes operational.

Discounts and Cashbacks: Shareholders receive a personal QR code and link providing substantial discounts and benefits. When visiting the village or referring friends, shareholders and their referrals receive discounts on stays and additional cashback on purchases made through their referral.
Referral Sales Incentives: If a shareholder’s referral leads to a villa sale, both the referrer and the buyer receive a 2% discount, with the referrer also earning a 2% commission on the sale.

Platform and Token Standards:

– The tokens will likely be based on the ERC20 standard, although this may be adjusted based on the technological landscape at the time of issuance.

Make Your Investment Today:

Discover the benefits of fractional ownership at Ankaya Village. Invest in a share today and be a part of this exclusive community. [Click here and buy your shares!](#)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fractional Ownership at Ankaya Village

– A: Investments will be fully refunded minus any bank or processing fees, if applicable.

A: Under Swiss law, the tokens are directly associated with and recognized as shares of the company. This means that each token is fully backed and guaranteed by the company’s shares, providing a strong legal basis for security and value. This association ensures that token holders have rights equivalent to shareholders and can benefit from the full legal protections provided under Swiss regulation.

A: The 10% is treated like a financial bond interest rate for the first two years as the project won’t generate revenue during this phase. Post this period, all bonds convert into shares eligible for dividends based on the project’s profitability.

– A: Expected annual returns could range from 10% to 20%. A smart contract will distribute 10% of all crypto revenue among stakeholders in real-time. The remaining profits are distributed annually based on financial outcomes.

– A: Shares will be listed on various decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges and can also be traded on an internal platform exclusively for shareholders.

A: Shareholders earn a 10% cashback on reservations made by referred friends, payable in USD, and a 2% cashback on villa sales upon complete payment by the buyer. Referred friends receive a 10% discount and VIP treatment, while villa buyers get a 2% purchase discount.

A: Referral commissions are paid immediately after the full payment is received from the buyer.

– A: There are no hidden costs charged by the developer. Transaction fees may apply only if refunds are necessary due to not reaching the soft cap.

– A: Each dollar invested equals one share and one token. For example, a $15,000 investment represents a 1% ownership if the funding closes at the $1.5 million soft cap.

– A: Developers have a motivation pool where, upon timely completion of the project, the capital is increased by 10% through new shares and tokens, awarded to the development team. If the project is delayed, developers will forfeit this bonus.

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