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Custom Villa Purchase

Custom Villa Purchase at Ankaya Village

Discover the Joy of Personalization:

At Ankaya Village, you have the unique opportunity to purchase a villa that is tailored specifically to your tastes and needs. Our approach allows for complete customization of your future home, ensuring that each villa is a true reflection of its owner’s preferences.

Step-by-Step Purchase Process:

Begin by choosing a plot of land within Ankaya Village. Our plots vary in proximity to the beach, with pricing accordingly adjusted. Closer plots are premium priced, while those further away offer a more budget-friendly option.

Secure your chosen plot with a $1,000 reservation fee. This fee initiates the process and assigns a dedicated salesperson to guide you through the next steps. You have a two-week period during which the deposit is fully refundable, should you decide to withdraw.

Within one month of reservation, you are required to sign the acquisition contract. Failing to sign within this period will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Upon contract signing, a 50% down payment on the land price is required. For instance, if the plot is priced at $80,000, a payment of $40,000 must be made.

With the down payment settled, you will collaborate with one of our expert architects to design your villa. This process, lasting up to six months, will explore various tropical designs and materials to meet your vision and budget.

After the villa design is finalized, the remaining 50% of the land price is due. Simultaneously, you will enter into a construction contract and make an initial 30% installment payment towards building your villa.

Construction across the village begins at the start of the following year. Your villa will be part of a harmonious development completed within a maximum of 18 months, ensuring all residents can enjoy their new homes simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Purchasing at Ankaya Village

A: Villas must adhere to a tropical design theme and cannot exceed two stories, although not all plots can accommodate two-story structures. Additionally, preserving the natural beauty of the area is a priority, so tree removal without permission is strictly prohibited.

– A: Yes, you may use your own architect. However, all designs must be approved by Ankaya Village to ensure they meet our community standards and aesthetic guidelines.

– A:
– First Installment: 30% of the purchase price, due within 30 days after signing the agreement.
– Second Installment: 40% of the purchase price, due upon completion of the substructure.
– Third Installant: 20% of the purchase price, due upon installation of doors and windows.
– Fourth Installment: The final 10% of the purchase price, due immediately before handover of the villa. The reservation fee is deducted from this last installment.

A: Ankaya Village imposes a penalty of 0.5% per month on ourselves for any delays caused by the developer, ensuring that we are motivated to adhere to the promised timeline.

A: Our amenities include a professional gym, jungle gym, spa, water sports center, stables, co-working center, yoga space, large beach swing pool, restaurant, and beach bar. Access to these amenities comes at an additional cost, but residents enjoy discounted rates.

A: Reselling your villa is permitted, but the new owner must comply with all community rules of Ankaya Village. Rentals are managed exclusively through our hotel management company, which integrates the villas as part of our resort offerings when owners are not in residence.

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